Measurement Guide

Before selecting your size, make sure you have measured yourself with measurement tape. Your bra size may not be same as your bust size. So we suggest to take your measurement using a tape for perfect fittings. You can take measurement by yourself or you can take your friend's help. Don't worry we'll suggest you step by step till the end. You just have to put the right measurement in the given selection box.


Small TIPS for taking perfect measurements : Let the tape sit comfortably on your body and keep it Straight

1. Neck

Begin by measuring your neck circumference. 

2. Upper Bust


The upper bust measurement should be above the bust and from the bottom of the arm to the other side. This measurement does not go all the way around the body.

3. Bust Size


Full bust measurement. Put one finger under the tape measure during taking this measurement. Be sure to measure at the fullest point of the bustline.

4. Dot Point


measure from your shoulder to bust point. The tape measure should be placed right at the intersection of the neck and shoulder and then extend to the bust point.

5. Shoulder


Shoulder to shoulder measurement. Measure from the edge of the shoulder bone at your arm to the other side.

6. Upper Back


Across back measurement. This measurement is very difficult to take by yourself. It is taken from the bottom of your arm where your arm meets your back and then across.